Concord AYSO Region 305

Officer Board Member Volunteers

2015 Officer Board Contacts Name Phone
Regional Commissioner Abby Fleischman Please email
Assistant Regional Comissioner Michelle Seddiqi 925-338-PLAY (7529)
Assistant Regional Comissioner Operations Mario Avila 415-867-7801
Child & Volunteer Protection Advocate Michelle Seddiqi 925-338-PLAY (7529)
Asst Child & Volunteer Protection Advocate
Regional Coach Administrator Nathan Quesada 925-876-8315
Regional Referee Administrator Anita Luttrell 925-270-7289
Regional Registrar Jackie Peters 415-516-8684
Regional Treasurer Michele Blake 925-360-0647
Regional Risk Management / Safety Director Stephen Volk 925-768-0183
Regional Adult League Coordinator Nathan Quesada 925-876-8315

Board Member Volunteers

2015 Volunteer Board Contacts Name Phone
Regional Adult League Coordinator Assistant Stephen Volk 925-768-0183
Regional Adult League Registrar Kathie Checke 925-768-0557
Regional Adult League Treasurer Kathie Checke 925-768-0557
Regional Assistant Referee Administrator Eric Steindorf 925-457-5361
Regional Auditor Judi Steindorf 925-457-8808
Regional Coach Coordinator – Boys Rebecca Van Hattem 925-273-4170
Regional Coach Coordinator – Girls David Gomez 415-823-2470
Regional Coach Trainer Assistant Nathan Quesada 925-876-8315
Regional Coach Trainer Coordinator Alfonso Munoz 925-207-2220
Regional Director of Referee Assessment and Mentoring Tom Corum 925-595-0657
Regional Director of Referee Instruction Michael Niccolai 925-351-7563
Regional Equipment Coordinator/Purchasing Coordinator Alfonso Munoz 925-207-2220
Regional Extra "Elite" Program Co-Coordinator Nathan Quesada 925-876-8315
Regional Extra "Elite" Program Co-Coordinator Stephen Volk 925-768-0183
Regional Extra "Elite" Program Treasurer Kathie Checke 925-768-0557
Regional Fields Coordinator Anita Luttrell 925-270-7289
Regional Game Schedule Coordinator Bill Van Hattem 925-273-4168
Regional Game Schedule Assistant Anthony Grover
Regional Player Training Clinics 2 James Long 925-586-0602
Regional Registrar Assistant 2 Cathy Corum 925-595-0970
Regional Regular Season Statistician Judi Steindorf 925-457-8808
Regional Secretary Gabby De la Vega 415-218-9771
Regional Select Season Coordinator Jackie Peters 415-516-8684
Regional Social Media Correspondent Laura Volk 925-768-0184
Regional V.I.P. Coordinator Cecilia Chavez 510-417-0043
Regional Volunteer Coordinator Amy Ratto 925-822-8584
Regional Web Administrator Patrick Fleischman 925-222-5195
W.I.S.D.O.M. Cathy Corum 925-595-0970

Vacant Board Positions

Vacant Board Positions
Assistant Regional Developer/Publicity Coordinator (Adult League)
Regional Developer/Publicity Coordinator
Regional Fields Assistant Coordinator
Regional Fields Assistant Coordinator
Regional Player Training Clinics 1
Regional Quality Assurance Coordinator
Regional Registrar Assistant 1
Regional Scholarship Coordinator
Regional Sponsor/Fundraiser Coordinator
Regional Sponsor/Fundraiser Coordinator Assistant
Regional Spring Season Coordinator
Regional Spring Season Coordinator Assistant
Regional Tournament Coordinator
Regional V.I.P. Coordinator Asst

Board Members

2013 Concord AYSO Regiomal Board

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