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10U / Crazy 8 Tournament Rules

Downloadable version:  10U and Crazy 8 Tournament Rules

1.   Regional Tournament Participation Qualifications

      a.    The Regional Tournament is not part of the regular season

      b.    Participation in the Regional Tournament is determined by regular season standings &meeting the requirements set forth at the beginning of the season.

2.   Area Tournament Participation Qualifications (Area TOC)

      a.    Must meet the requirements set forth at the beginning of the season

      b.    If Area determines that only one (1) team will move on to the Area TOC

            i.   Then the team winning the Regional Tournament will move on to the Area TOC

      c.     If Area determines that only two (2) teams will move on to the Area TOC.

            i.   Then the team winning the Regional Tournament & the team winning the regular season will move on to the Area TOC.

            ii.   If the same team wins both the Regional tournament & the regular season, then the standings from the Regional Tournament will be used (i.e. second place in the Regional Tournament).

      d.    If Area determines that three (3) or more team will move on to the Area TOC.

            i.   Then the Regional Tournament standings (1st, 3rd, 4th, etc) & the team winning the regular season will move on to the Area TOC.

3.   Team numbers and Tournament Structure

      a.    The number of teams invited to play and the structure of the tournament will be determined separately for each tournament.

      b.    Points will be awarded to determine the winner of the pool/preliminary matches. If there is an odd # of pools, then the team with the most points after pool winners will be the 4th team advancing.

            i.   6 points for a WIN

            ii.   3 points for a TIE

            iii.   1 point for each goal (up to a maximum of 3 per game)

            iv.   1 point for a SHUTOUT

            v.   8 points for a BYE

            vi.   8 points for a FORFEIT

            vii.   Points will be subtracted for:

                  1.    -1 point for every goal over a spread of 6 goals.

                        a.    Example: a score of 0-6 is ok, but a score of 0-7 is not & a point will be subtracted. A score of 2-8 is ok, but a score of 2-9 is not, & a point will be subtracted.

                  2.    -1 point for every 3 Yellow cards

                  3.    -1 point for every Red card.

                  4.    -1 point for no-show of team’s field marshal

                        a. EXAMPLES:

            i.   1 -0 score (or forfeit) --the winning team/non-forfeiting will receive 8 points (6 points for the win, 1 point for the recorded goal, and 1 point for the shutout).

            ii.   2 – 2 tie score – each team will earn 5 points (3 points for the tie & 2 points for goals)

            iii.   The maximum number of points a team can earn in a match is 10 points.

      c.     If there is a tie in total points at the end of pool play, the following tie breakers will be used in the following order to determine the winner:

            i.   Head to head competition

            ii.   Fewest goals scored against

            iii.   Most goals scored

            iv.   Fewest point deductions as described in section 3

            v.   Fewest red and/or yellow cards received (red cards will count as the equivalent of 2 yellow cards)

            vi.   Coin toss

      d.    The top seeds will be the bracket winners. The wild card team(s) will be the best overall second place team(s). No wild card team will play a team from their own pool during the first round of single elimination.

      e.    Preliminary seed match times are as follows—continues/running time:
            i.   U10 -15 minute halves ii.   U12 -20 minute halves iii.   U14 -25 minute halves

      f.     Semi and Finals match times are as follows—continues/running time:
            i.   U10 -25 minute halves ii.   U12 -30 minute halves iii.   U14 -35 minute halves

4.   There will be no overtime periods during preliminary/pool play matches.

5.   Championship & semi-final matches will be full-length under regular AYSO rules. Quarterfinal matches, if necessary, will not be full length.

6.   If the championship, semi-final or quarter-final match is tied after regulation time and daylight permits:

      a.    A maximum of two 5 minute overtime periods will be played

      b.    The full 5 minutes will be played. If the match is still tied at the end of the first 5-minute overtime period a second 5 minute overtime period will be played.

      c.     Teams will change halves prior to each overtime period.

      d.    There is no "Golden Goal"

      e.    If no goals are scored during the overtime periods or the match is still tied, then the match will be decided by kicks from the penalty mark. FIFA instructions (Procedures to Determine the Winner of a Match) for the taking of kicks from the penalty mark will be followed. Only the players on the field during the 2nd overtime period will be allowed to participate in the penalty kick shoot-out.

      f.     If the referee team determine that there will NOT be enough daylight to safely complete a minimum of one (1) overtime period and kicks from the penalty mark then they will go to directly to kicks from the penalty mark to determine match winner.

7.   Each team must check-in with the on-site tournament official (field marshal or referee) one-half (1/2) hour prior to its first game.

8.   Completed player registration and medical forms must be in the coach's possession at all games. These forms shall be subject to inspection by the referee or any tournament officials at check-in. In the event that a coach does not have a player's registration and medical form, the player may not participate in the match. In the event the coach does not have any player's registration and medical forms, the team shall forfeit the match.

9.   The Board will do everything possible to schedule referees for all matches; however, in the unlikely event no referee is available the match will not be played & the match will be recorded as a DOUBLE FORFEIT.

10. Line-up cards shall be properly completed, listing the players in numerical order and presented to the referees prior to the start of each game. This includes field info & time of match. At the end of the match, the coaches and the referees shall sign the cards. The referee will return the card to the on-site field marshal immediately following the match.

11. Any team that walks off the field of play or does not show up for any reason will forfeit the match. A 5 minute grace period in starting time may be allowed.

12. Poor weather conditions or unusual circumstances may be a consideration for match delay or for a particular team being late for its match. Only the Board may decide on these matters.

13. No game shall start if either team has less than the minimum number of players.

      a.    U10 – min 5 / max 7 players on the pitch

      b.    U12 – min 7 / max 9 players on the pitch

      c.     U14, U16, U19 – min 7 / max 11 players on the pitch

      d.    If both teams cannot field the minimum # of players: the match is a no-show resulting in zero (0) points to both teams.

      e.    If one team can field the minimum number of players & the other cannot: the match is a forfeit resulting in eight (8) points to the non-forfeit team [1-0 score].

14. Coaches, spectators and players are expected to display good sportsmanship throughout the tournament. Coaches will be held responsible for any action by the spectators or supporters. If for any reason the referee calls the match because of actions by spectators or supporters, the match will be forfeited to the opposing team with the existing score if the non-offending team is ahead. If the non-offending team is not ahead, the forfeit score shall be 1-0. In such an event, the match referee or Tournament Director may assign red card(s) to the spectator(s) for the purposes of the tie-breaker provisions for the tournament.

15. No Dogs are allowed within 20 yards of the field of play.

16. The team listed first on the schedule is the home team and should provide the match ball(s).

17. To assist with starting games on time the Home Team will kick off and the Visiting Team will select the side to attack (No coin toss).

18. In all matches, the contending teams and their coaches and spectators shall remain on opposite sides of the field of play where possible. The home team will have its choice of the side of the field. Spectators shall remain behind spectator lines and coaches shall remain within the boundaries of the coaching boxes during all matches.

19. Tournament cancellation/Rain:

      a.    Concord AYSO Board and/or the City of Concord’s Rain Line will determine field playability.

      b.    Saturday/preliminary matches:

            i.   If any match is cancelled then the whole tournament will be cancelled

            ii.   There will be NO make-up matches & the standings from the regular season will determine which teams move on to the Area TOC

            iii.   Saturday quarter-finals, semi-finals, finals matches:

                  1.    If any of these matches are cancelled & all preliminary matches where played, then the standings for the tournament will be decided by points earned during preliminary matches. 20. No alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, or noise makers are allowed. Spectators or coaches suspected of intoxication will not be allowed to participate in their scheduled matches.


22. Matches will be played according to FIFA Laws of the Game rules, AYSO National Rules and Area 2C Guidelines unless modified by these regulations.

23. AYSO National substitution rules will prevail during regulation time for U10, U12 and U14. Area 2C substitution rules will apply for U16 and U19 (e.g., Players may be substituted before all kick offs, on anyone's goal kick, or on their own throw in. Substitutions are subject to approval of the referee). Each team member must play a minimum of two (2) quarters as roster allows of each match (during regulation time). Failure to abide by this rule will result in a forfeit.

24. Referees must report red and yellow cards immediately to the Regional Referee Administrator or Regional Commissioner.

      a.    A red card, 2 yellows or a send-off in a match will result in a minimum one match suspension, possible two matches

      b.    An accumulation of 2 red cards or send-offs during the tournament will result in a suspension for the remainder of the tournament

      c.     An accumulation of 4 yellow cards during the tournament by a player will result in a suspension for the remainder of the tournament

            i.   Red cards & send-offs will carry over to the following tournament

            ii.   Serious misconduct; a player, coach or team may be suspended for multiple matches, the balance of the tournament or subsequent tournaments. The Regional Commissioner, or their designate, will rule on the suspension. 

25. Goalkeepers - Will not play more than the following:

      a.    U10 -2 quarter rule b.    U12 -3 quarter rule c.    U14 -3 quarter rule

Crazy  8  Tournament

Crazy 8’s is a round-robin tournament that will abide by the same rules and guidelines as noted above with the following modifications:

1.    Preliminary seed match times are as follows—continues/running time:

      a.    U08 -10 minute halves (Quarter stoppage is for a quick substitution ONLY) b) Due to the tight game schedules, Home team will kick off and the visiting team will choose which goal to attack (No coin toss). c) Due to the tight game schedules the use of a horn/sounder will be used to signal start and end of matches. NO EXCEPTIONS.

      b.    Each team member must play a minimum of two (2) quarters as roster allows of each match (during regulation time).

COVID Protocols:

Concord AYSO is following the guidance of local, state and federal health agencies with regards to COVID -19 . Currently no verification is required for outdoor activities. We ask everyone to wear a mask while out on the fields. Those actively participating in the sport are not required to wear a mask until they are off the field of play.

*Concord AYSO Board reserves the right to modify the rules without notice*

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